Tide Dry Cleaners 50% Off Discount??? + Personal Endorsement

Personal endorsement time + Coupon Used! 

After our one night cold span the previous weekend, I went into my garage and I found a few jackets I had in storage. Being in the garage for so long, they built up a musky scent we all know happens when you leave things in the garage for long enough in South Florida.

I figured I’d try out this relatively new launderer; Tide Dry Cleaners in Boca Raton, Florida. Yes, the same Tide company that we use for washing our clothes. I wasn’t positive this would work and my clothes would be clean and without the musky scent. I figured I’d have to give it the ole’ sniff test and try it on. I was kind of dreading trying it on. Let me say, I can’t believe the results and how positive of an experience this was!

First off, the smell of my jackets was fresh. I sprayed just a little bit of fabreeze because I like the scent of fabreeze too; but it was fine without it. In addition, the condition of the jackets was spotless. There was no discoloration afterwards = WOW!

I was looking forward to using these jackets. I have two sports jackets from some of my favorite teams…the New York Yankees and the Florida State Seminoles. I got these jackets about 15-20 years ago and they still fit. I have a blue denim jacket which might be handy for the beach on cold mornings. I have a really cool trench coat which could come in handy if I visit cold weathered states during the cold seasons; or even for business down here…when we sometimes get our cold snaps at the start of the new year. The other jacket is a blue London Fog hooded jacket which is universally great for all occassions. While I might have too many jackets, I still enjoy having the options of choosing which I’d like to wear.

Back to Tide Dry Cleaners. They won my business and you should head over to the Tide dry cleaners in Boca Raton, Florida.

Earlier this year when they first opened up at this location, they sent out some coupons. I received these coupons from Tide Dry Cleaners either by mail or as an insert in my newspaper deliver.

One of the coupons was for a 50% Off coupon for new (first time) customers with Tide Dry Cleaners which was great because it didn’t expire until the end of November 2017I’m NOT saying they will do the same for you…but it doesn’t hurt for you to convey to them you are a new customer and is there a discount they can apply. Do NOT ask them for a discount with others within earshot. It’s inconsiderate and why would they give discounts to everyone just for the sake of one person yelling it out loud. Ask them in a low key voice and be polite and see what they can do. Considering no physical coupon is being presented to them, I’ll take it that any type of discount they could apply to your first batch of dry cleaning you present to them would be very much appreciated.

The bottom line is they won my business!!! Head over there before the end of the month and see if they can do anything for you in terms of a discount; none-the-less their great service. The professionalism of their manager and staff was A+! I won’t have to go looking for another dry cleaner as long as they keep treating me the way they did on my first experience with them. 

Offer expires on Thursday November 30th, 2017!

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