Winn Dixie Weekly Specials & BOGO’s

Winn Dixie weekly specials cycle starts on Wednesday’s and ends on Tuesday’s.

Winn Dixie - Look at What's NewClick on the Winn Dixie image below or click here for your Winn Dixie featured weekly ad and save yourself some money with Winn Dixie Weekly Specials & BOGO’s.

Have you obtained your Winn Dixie Customer Rewards Card today? Having one of these is like having your all-access pass to redeeming coupons and in-store deals, and earning rewards. You can fill your cart without emptying your wallet and save money.

Take a look at these NEW Winn Dixie products. If you are looking for new items to purchase that you might not be aware of, take a look at what Winn Dixie has in inventory for you with these exciting new products.  Check it out Winn Dixiealong with their special prices to help you save money.  BONUS TIP: Match these new products up with some coupons from manufacturers you come across to save additional money. If you can’t find any coupons, then go to these companies websites, facebook and twitter pages to see if they are promoting coupons you might not find in your normal routine of coupon hunting. Remember to “like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter to keep in the loop for that rare occassion they may promote money saving coupons or sales you wouldn’t hear about.

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