Myth or Reality…Score a 110% Price Match?!?

Is a “110% Price Match” a myth or reality? I wouldn’t have thought this was possible but the other day I became a true believer about the “110% Price Match” reality!

I documented my adventure to Staples on our Instagram page which you can read about below. I would look up various store policies online that you shop at the most and see if they have a “110% Price Match” or even a “100% Price Match.” The next time you plan to go shopping, use these tips for your next shopping trip listed below.

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110% PRICE MATCH?!? ALWAYS ASK ABOUT PRICE MATCHING!!! 💵 I wanted to get new ink for my printer. Went to BJ’s and they were charging $68.99 for 2 ink cartridges. Then I went to Staples, showed them the pic I took over at BJ’s of the two ink cartridges and asked them if they could do anything. They price matched plus gave me a 10% discount. So I got the same price plus a 10% discount to boot. 💵 Key Things to Know About Price Matching: 💰Look online for store price matching policies. It’ll give you more info. 💰Take a pic of the product and pricing at the competitors store. Give them the visual and proof they need. Help them help you! 💰Approach a Store Manager. They are the decision makers that can approve a price match or override on pricing. 💰Be discreet. If you are too loud and/or obnoxious then the manager is less likely to want to help you. Be discreet and respectful. 💰Thank them in advance for their help. Remember, you are asking for their help so be grateful, humble and thankful at the start of your conversation and smile. Managers usually deal with difficult customers. Don’t be another difficult customer. Smile…it goes a long way! 💰Special thanks to Liesa. You gained a new customer! 🖨🖨🖨🖨🖨🖨 #business #homebusiness #businessman #businessowner #office #motivation #motivational #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurs #money #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponcommunity #coupon101 #discount #Florida #SouthFlorida #Miami #FortLauderdale #DeerfieldBeach #BocaRaton #DelrayBeach #BoyntonBeach #WestPalmBeach #PalmBeach

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