Where Does Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Leave Us Consumers?

Kathie Lee and I catch a moment together at Whole Foods! 😉

I ran into Kathie Lee Gifford a few years ago! Ummmm, sort of! It was difficult for Kathie Lee Gifford to keep her hands off of me. If you don’t believe me, check out the photo for yourself! 😉 By the way, I love this woman.

The reason I’m displaying this photo of us (still smiling as I type this) is because I thought of this moment when I heard Amazon is buying Whole Foods for over $13 billion dollars! WHOA!!! They are buying them out at $42/share.

For anyone who is into the following, you are in for a treat!

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Amazon’s acquistion of Whole Foods is going to mean so much for you and I. It’s going to play a huge role in our daily lives if you shop with Amazon online. Same thing if you go food shopping at Whole Foods.

To me, it will be interesting to see how soon Amazon will start allowing us to place our food shopping orders online. Then have Amazon deliver groceries to our homes using drones!

The opportunities are limitless!

  • Will there be a separate page on Whole Foods and Amazon’s website’s providing you direct access to select your food shopping list?
  • Can you imagine using any type of coupon codes with this type of service?!? 😉
  • Will you be required to have an Amazon membership and if so what will be the associated fee?
    • If you won’t need an Amazon Prime membership, will there be an additional cost to place orders through them?
  • Will Amazon Prime members receive a card to use at Whole Foods to scan at the register and score discounts on the spot?
  • Can you purchase deals (offers, specials, sales) of the day or week online?
  • Lots of deliver type of questions such as…
    • Will a drone deliver to your home within hours?
    • How do you have to sign off for something like that?
    • What happens if you are not around to sign-off?
      • What will happen to the food if it spoils or does it get returned to your local participating Whole Foods and you have to go pick it up?
  • Will Whole Foods host kiosks at their supermarkets and offer Amazon Prime memberships at discounted rates for signing-up at their stores?
  • Will this be Costco and BJ’s newest direct competitors?
    • Will they lose memberships which means less sales for them?
    • Would you wind up switching over to an Amazon/Whole Foods account if you can avoid long lines and have delivery associated to your order?

I shop at Whole Foods enough to say I support them! 🙂 I’m thinking this is going to be a part of our conversations here and there for some time to come. With Amazon buying Whole Foods, food shopping and saving money might just go to a whole new level for us shoppers & money savers! 

What do you think? Feel free to comment and share this with others and get their opinion.

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