Backup Your Files Now – For Free!

I’m sure we don’t have to remind you of the importance of backing up all of your files. Especially in South Florida where we are prone to storms and longer-term power outages. If you’ve been using the computer you’ve been told probably for quite a while to always have a backup of your important files. This includes photos, legal documents, scans/PDFs and anything you’re currently working on. You don’t want to be that person who lost their precious family photos because you didn’t have a reliable backup.

Now there’s no excuse. Here’s a link to a FREE one-month trial of BackBlaze – online cloud based back up. Your files (unlimited!) and virtually anything else on your computer will be backed up to the cloud with little effort. We use it here in the office and for the peace of mind and effortless setup, we sleep pretty well knowing we are protected. It’s available for Mac or PC and there’s no better plan or product on the market right now in our opinion for an easy-to-use, affordable backup solution for all home users.

Get your free month now – Use this link and rest easy knowing all of your files are being backed up with their set it and forget it software in case of a disaster.

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