Fall Means “Clean Up Time” with this Bounty Deal!

Fall means “Clean Up Time!” Ā 

I scored this deal over at BJ’s Wholesale and the best thing is it’s not a sale price. It’s a regular price deal; when you shop at BJ’s Wholesale locations.

I was running very low on paper towels and set-out to get some more today. BJ’s Wholesale store has 12 super rolls by Bounty. Bounty claims it’s the equivalent of 23 regular sized rolls. It’s sort of like getting double sized rolls of paper towels but I don’t understand the math. If they are doubled in size it should be 24 regular sized rolls; but we’ll leave that equation for other math people outside of myself along with the Bounty marketing team! šŸ™‚

  • The regular price for this option isĀ $19.99.
  • I had a $3.00 store coupon
  • So I paid $16.99 for 12 super rolls.

I could of also used a manufacturer coupon but forgot it in the car. Maybe the next time I go back I’ll see if they can give me a credit with the manufacturer coupon since I’m a good customer with them. I still consider this another score as it’s a great stockpile on one purchase and an item I’ll eventually use up completely over time.


Lessons To Remember:

  • Bring your store and manufacturers coupons
  • Go to the customer service section of BJ’s Wholesale Stores and ask them for the coupon book they mail out. Sometimes you might get it in the mail before you go to their store. Sometimes you might not.
  • Go to the front of their store and look for the in-store coupon rack and score more coupons that way.
  • Wholesale stores like BJ’s Wholesale store has unique quantities. Because most of their items are larger than the regular sized items you purchase in your local supermarket, they are in a position to provide you with better discounts. If you know your local supermarket does NOT offer a BOGO FREE deal for the item(s) you are going to purchase, then match up the pricing per unit size versus what you might purchase it for at a supermarket.
  • Even if your store has a BOGO FREE deal for the item(s) you are looking to purchase and you use it enough and it is a staple food or non-food item that won’t spoil, consider purchasing it at your local wholesale store and when that special BOGO FREE deal is to be found at your local supermarket, still purchase it and score the additional savings.
  • A little planning with your list of purchase and pricing along with coupons goes a long way to helping you save money over the course of a week, month and year.


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