Comcast Service Savings Hack

If you need a service request with Comcast, this hack will save you an enormous amount of time and provide you with a lack of stress.

Are you one of those people that’s just too busy to call for a service request during the day with your work, family and social routine? Trust me, I know how it goes. I empathize with you!

Someone suggested to me years ago that if I visit our local Comcast location before they open up, there should only be anywhere from 1-5+ people on line waiting for Comcast to open up. These people might also be known as “Early Birds!” 😉 I’m NOT an “Early Bird” kind of guy but this is one of those rare times that it helps to get up early to save time during the day so you can focus on money generating stuff…and of course other things which include saving money and having fun in life.

Instead of calling and winding up being placed either on a perpetual hold or transfer situation, just get to your local Comcast store location early. My local Comcast store location opens up at 8am. Most people are getting ready to go to work or first waking up even.

I have gone to my local Comcast store location at or slightly before 8am at least 5 times that I can recall for a service request of some sorts. Each time I have been out of the door as short as 3 minutes and as long as 10 minutes.

My strong recommendation to you is to find out what time your local Comast store location opens up and be there 10 minutes earlier than when they open up…not when they open but before they open up!

If your time is worth money and you don’t like phone calls that can sometimes last 15 minutes to an hour long, then you’ll appreciate what I’m conveying to you.

If you do this, you’ll be able to cross off a time waster task off your list…and appreciate getting onto your next task. You can even drop me a note and thank me for this hack! 😉

COMCAST SERVICE SAVINGS HACK: If time = money, then you’ll save time on this tip. If you need to visit your local Comcast office for anything, visit them when they first open up. Not after they open up…before they open up. You’ll be in and out very very quickly. . This will save you time and time is money for you to earn elsewhere along with less stress of waiting in long lines. . Swipe to the right to see a quick video of them opening up their blinds just before letting me in their door. . CLICK ON THE LINK IN OUR BIO AND VISIT OUR MONEY SAVINGS TIPS SECTION FOR MORE DETAILS! 💻💵💰Thanks @xfinity . . . . #money #time #timeflies #timemanagement #skills #hack #hacks #lifehacks #electronics #tv #wifi #busy #schedule #Florida #SouthFlorida #thekeys #keywest #miami #miamibeach #southbeach #fortlauderdale #deerfieldbeach #bocaraton #delraybeach #westpalmbeach #palmbeach #jupiterfl #palmbeachgardens #orlando #tampa

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