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My introduction to coupon binders: I have been a couponer for many many years. At one point it was a necessity, now it’s secondary to me. There are certain times when you just don’t want to use a coupon; however, if you can save and keep extra money in your wallet, purse or budget…then you know you are going to do that. ;)

Binder & 2 Weekend Coupon BatchesInspired by others in the couponing community, I created my first “coupon binder. This keeps me both organized and able to save money on the spot when I go grocery shopping and when a retail store discount is published.

In the past: For many years when I went grocery shopping, I’d carry necessary coupons with me along with my shopping list but felt I could be more organized and save more money for unexpected purchases.

It’s simple to put a coupon binder together. There is no right or wrong way to create a binder. It’s what works best for you. What works best for me includes the following “ingredients” 😉

My coupon binder consists of: 

  • A thick 3-ring binder
  • Plastic baseball card holders for binder to hold my coupons
  • Sheet (Paper) protectors with which have holes punched in them for binders
  • A hole puncher if needed
  • Easy peel blank address labels
  • Storage pack
  • Mini wicker basket
  • Don’t forget your weekly circulars, coupons and rainchecks!

Inside Coupon BinderMy list of “ingredients” may seem like a lot but in reality it has helped me stay organized and helps me save money when I least expect! By purchasing a thick 3-ring binder, you’ll be able to store a lot of coupons, weekly circulars and miscellaneous items. You’ll be able transport it from your home to your car & from your car to your shopping cart for grocery shopping. If possible, see if you can get a 3-ring binder with pockets in the front and back. I keep lots of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons I get in the mail in them. I place them with a clip in the back of the binder. It’s also a good feeling to be able to give someone else on line a coupon when in need and I have extras. 🙂

Many many years ago as a kid when I collected baseball cards I had a few plastic baseball card holders for my baseball card collection. Many years later I never realized they would serve a different purpose. They now store my coupons. After clipping my coupons, I can fold them and slide them into each separate baseball card pocket/slot. I had a hard time finding these recently but they can be purchased at Target or Toys R Us. They come 9-per page and usually a purchase can contain 20-30 pages.

circulars + miscFor those of you who are in the business world, college students or just super organized, you know what sheet (paper) protectors are. I use them for holding weekly flyers I’ll receive in the newspaper. Whether it be for Publix for food shopping, CVS, BJ’s or whatever your favorite store is, when you purchase these you can just slide your weekly circular into these for a quick place to keep your circulars and coupons together. I just fold my circulars in half and there is plenty of room in the protectors for my circulars. They are also great for other items such as printed coupons that are full length in page, menus or pamphlets/brochures you may pick up along the way. If your sheets do not have holes for a 3-ring binder punched in them, using a hole puncher will help you place your sheet (paper) protectors in.

Getting some blank address labels at your local office supply store will just help you label the sheet (paper) protectors with your favorite store name. You can also create a section for miscellaneous items such as receipts (for returning items), rainchecks or menus for your most common dining choices. storage packI have a compartment near the back of my binder (sort of like a storage pack) which I store my miscellaneous items such as:

  • blank paper and pens for shopping lists (items to purchase may come to mind as I’m on the road)
  • a highlighter
  • a pair of scissors
  • paper clips (also good for holding some sheet protectors together IF any of your circulars slide out as you carry your binder)
  • and even those key-ring store VIP cards they offer incase if I forget my VIP card for a store. It’s just something that is very handy for miscellaneous shopping trips.  It’s even good to keep a stamp or two in them incase if you need to mail something while you are on the road.

I have a mini wicker basket I keep near my desk. When I sort through my coupons, I keep them in my mini wicker
basket. Then I can place them into my binder another time. My binder is usually in another room or in the car. Go Wicker Basketfigure! 🙂 This is very convenient for me.

The last thing you do not want to forget is your coupons and your favorite weekly circulars! 🙂 When I keep on track with using my coupon binder, it helps me save time in locating my coupons and combining them with weekly circulars. It helps me free up household space. It helps me find coupons when I’m traveling in a matter of seconds. Oh yeah, it also helps me save money when I go grocery shopping and it should also help you as well.

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