Stay Fresh & Clean and Save 97% Off!

Stay Fresh & Clean and Save Money!

Consider this as a “little win” for those who coupon and pay attention to sale prices. It’s the type of “little win” that enables us to feel good about taking advantage of eyeing up a good sale along with couponing.

It’s not like I or other couponers “expect” for specific deals to occur. It’s using our experience and trained eye to help us score a special offer(s) for the moment.

Here is what I used to get started!

– One (1) Publix Weekly circular (received in the mail and newspaper delivery)

– Two (2) weekend newspapers (delivered to my home)

Thanks to skimming through the Publix Weekly circular, I was able to see that Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant was on sale. I saw they have a Buy One Get One (BOGO) FREE offer for their invisible solid deodorants in the 2.6 ounce products. The regular retail price for one of these products is $3.19. We will come back to this.

Then I skimmed through the weekend newspapers and pulled out all of the coupon inserts. In the coupon inserts I found a manufacturer’s coupon that will save me $1.50 off of any one Dove advanced care or clinical protection deodorant/anti-perspirant product. This excludes all trial and travel sizes so this will be valid for the 2.6 ounce products I plan to purchase.

Since I originally purchased two newspapers subscriptions to be delivered to my home for the weekends I was able to obtain two of these coupons.

Let’s do the math!

As I mentioned earlier, the regular retail price for one of these products is $3.19. Since there is BOGO FREE offer, I’m able to purchase two of these products at $3.19. This deal is valid through Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Now adding in the coupons, each coupon is worth $1.50 in savings. Since I have two of these coupons, I will be saving $3.00!

The cost of two of these products is worth $3.19 with the store discount. When I submit my two coupons worth $3.00, the final cost will be a whopping $0.19 cents for two of these deodorant products (plus any relevant sales tax).

The real bottom line in savings!

So if we multiply by two, the regular retail price for two of these products equals $6.38. If we subtract $0.19 by $6.38 I will be fortunate enough to save $6.19.

Say Something Stupid – Get A Smart Reply!

This may not sound like a lot of money to save. Sometimes I’ll have people come up to me and say why do you waste your time. It’s not like you are going to save a million dollars. I’m from New York so I have thick skin. I laugh, somewhat sarcastically if you want to know the truth. They’ll probably receive a reply from me like “if you are looking to save $1 million with couponing then I hope you are spending at least $2 million in your total purchases before you even consider saving one million dollars! 😉

Here’s the real bottom line when it comes to assessing this. I will be saving a whopping 97% off of this purchase!!!

Let me ask you…if you could save over 90% on a one or a few items each week, even something that will save you over 50% off on top of the Publix BOGO FREE store offers, would it be worth your time to understand how to combine couponing and discount shopping?

If so, stay tuned for more of my shopping deals, discounts and tips! 🙂

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