Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born! Here is something fun & FREE for you! Have you ever wanted to know what the number one song was when you were born?

No need to do any research anymore. Just click here and pop in your date of birth. All they ask you for is your month, day and year. They don’t ask you for anything else. In a matter of seconds I saw the #1 song and performer Playback.fmfrom when I was born PLUS they also had a video I played immediately. I thought this was very cool, fun and FREE to share with you!

You can also find out something else that is kind of geeky but cool. After you enter your date of birth information (again, all they ask you to enter is your DOB month, day and year), under the video they show you how many minutes ago you were born. Okay, so maybe you don’t really want to look at that part. 😉

You can also do this for any special day in your life not dealing with birthday’s such as anniversaries, high school graduations and other special occassions. Try this out for yourself. This isn’t a gimmick. Just something fun I wanted to share with you and it’s FREE so I thought it would be great to put out there.

Please share this with your friends and feel free to leave your comment here on the #1 song & performer from when you were born on the bottom and what you think of this offering. ENJOY!

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