Would you like to gain FREE access to Consumer Reports magazine?

Of course you do…if you are a smart shopper like me! 😉 Okay, if you live in Palm Beach County, Florida it’s very simple.

  • Visit the Palm Beach County library website over at
  • Locate the menu bar on the top and select “Research & Homework”
  • From there, you’ll select “Online Research”
  • Scroll down to find the “Auto” section then select “Consumer Reports”
  • From there you’ll just enter your library card #

If you don’t have a library card…go get one! There are hundreds of items you can gain FREE access to with a library card. With your library card, you can gain access to various things including books, audiobooks (which is great for when you drive), magazines, movie rentals, etc.

If you don’t live in Palm Beach County, then go to your local library wherever you live and inquire with them how to go about this.

SAVINGS GUY INSIDER TIP: I’ve found that sometimes county associated libraries have more pull with free access to things such as magazines than going to a town run library not associated with a county library. It doesn’t mean they won’t have access, but I have found this to be true in my small sample sized experience. If you find this to be true, just locate another library. Don’t worry about having to go to a library all the time. Once you have your library card, lots of things can be accessed from your laptop or smart phone.

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