Join Loyalty Rewards Programs for FREE or Discounted Items – Like Me!

When you shop at your favorite stores or dine out at your favorite restaurants, ask if they have a rewards program where you can obtain points towards future purchases.

These points can be used towards free or discounted products or services at stores or food – aka: good ole’ grub action at restaurants.

I have been a Duffy’s Sports Grill MVP Member. It’s their rewards program that enables you to save money based on your purchases.

So hypothetically, if you go to dinner and the bill comes to $40 for 2 people — you’ll be rewarded with “x” number of points if you enrolled with their rewards program.

Keep earning points with the more purchases you make then you’ll be able to earn free or discounted items.

It just depends on the amount of points you have versus what you are looking to purchase.

It’s a great idea to ask the store or restaurant manager or staff member if they have loyalty rewards programs so you can start earning points back which goes back to yourself.

You’ll also get some additional perks like birthday discounts and/or freebies or double points for certain occasions.

Try this with some of the stores you shop at or dine with on a routine basis. It’s called investing in yourself! 😉

For more information about Duffy’s Sports Grill and their MVP rewards program and to join, click here.

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