Free Home Depot Workshops

I included this quick instructional video to get you into the learning mood! 😉 

Are you looking for something fun and exciting that can either save you money? Then it’s time to get your hands on with one of the FREE Home Depot home improvement workshops. They have various FREE workshops for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels.

Depending where you live, they have different workshops for you to choose from. Take a look at their upcoming workshop calendar and enter your zip code (or city and state) then choose the best workshop for you to partake in that is in your local area.

  • Weekend Workshops: Come Improve DIY Skills at The Home Depot!
  • Learn home improvement skills at your favorite local store
  • Please contact your store to inquire about the workshop topic (topics will vary by month)

I have seen various workshops at one point or another including workshops for:

  • Decorative Wooden Ladder
    • Learn how to use carpenter’s tools to measure and cut the wood to create a lovely leaning ladder to liven up any decor
    • Observe and learn safe use of common project tools like saws, drills and nailers
  • Interior Paint & Drywall Repair
    • Learn to repair damaged drywall
    • Learn the best ways to use rollers and brushes
    • How to use painters tape to mask off trim
  • Installing Ceiling Fans
    • Get up to speed on fan styles and features, including the ENERGY STAR options currently available outdoor display
    • You’ll learn the basics of installing ceiling fans both with and without light kits
    • Get valuable safety tips about how to wire ceiling fans
  • Installing The Backsplash
    • Score the skills you need to properly install a tile backsplash.
    • Cover tile options, prepare the wall before applying tiles and mounting tiles using SimpleMat adhesive
    • Learn how to cut, set, grout and seal tile

There are plenty more workshops for men, women and also for children between the ages of 5 to 12. You just have to check out the Home Depot workshop calendar to see what is in your area at the time and select from the workshop that best fits your interest level. Enter your zip code to confirm which is the closest participating Home Depot store available to you. Then register for it which will take you no more than sixty seconds.

This sounds like a fun project that can help you save money on home repairs. Thinking it might even helpy you a few extra dollars with your new knowledge and helping your neighbor or friend out.

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