Doing Laundry? Score This Discount Tip!

This offer has expired; however, this is a great example of how you can save money so I republished this as a great example for you to learn from and use for yourself. Just follow my pattern of what I convey in this passage and stay tuned for more of my money saving tips!

Are you doing laundry? If so, score this discount!

Woolite DarksKeeping an eye on your surroundings can really help you score some great discounts! For instance, this morning, as I was searching through the weekly ads for retail stores found in my local newspaper, I saw a great deal in the CVS weekly ad for Woolite laundry detergent on 50 oz. bottles for dark clothes.

It’s on sale for only $7.99 if one has a CVS card. Since I have a CVS card, there’s no issue there. In addition, I have a 25% off (total purchases) coupon I received in the mail for using my CVS card in the past. I stored my CVS coupon to go out the door with me this morning as it is expiring today. Since I usually purchase the 100 oz. bottles for dark clothes, If I’m saving 25% off their sale price of $7.99, I will be saving $2.00. So for $5.99 per bottle, I might as well purchase two bottles (100 oz. in total) and purchase it for only $11.99. That’s an awesome deal!

Honestly, the price without the coupon is a steal. If you do laundry, head out to CVS this week and get one or two of these deals. This sale starts on Sunday, August 16th and expires at the end of Saturday, August 22nd, 2015. This is such a good deal, I have a hunch they might just run out of stock; especially after I get the word out about this deal. 😉 Be prepared to ask for a raincheck so you don’t miss out on this deal.

CVS 8.16.2015This deal happened just in time for me to take advantage of CVS’ new sale for Woolite which starts today and use my store coupon which will expire at the end of today. Now only if I had a current manufacturer coupon to save additional money on this Woolite purchase. 😉 

COUPONING TIPS in Relation to this Offer:

  • Apply for retail and grocery store discount cards…it will save you money on sale based items…
  • Organize your coupons by storing them in a plae where you won’t have to search for them later on and run the risk of them expiring…
  • Be prepared to combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons…
  • Look out for store circulars for additional store based coupons and sale items…
  • Know your coupon expiration dates – skim through your coupons once every week or every other week to make sure your coupons won’t expire.


  • The coupon for 25% off all total purchases was valid for all non-sale based items. So pretty much, I screwed myself on this one…but…I was content in paying $7.99 for a 50 oz. bottle. Later on when I stopped by Publix. They were selling the same item with the same sized bottle for $9.35. So I know I got a good deal regardless.
  • Gotta keep my eye on the fine print where it says regular priced items. 😉
  • Still be content with scoring a good deal and saving money. It’s the little things with discounts that can make you smile for a quick moment.
  • While at CVS, I was able to score a good deal on tuna fish. I picked up four 5 oz. cans of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore (in Water) for only $5.00.
  • Always have a weekly ad with you in the event you need to validate pricing with the cashier if something doesn’t check out correctly.
  • Overall, it was a quick but positive discount experience for me. Hopefully you can score these discounts today or this upcoming week at CVS.

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