Save $10 Now At Publix With Shipt!

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NOTALL-WHO-WANDERARE-LOST-3Have you heard of Shipt? Well they are now in our neighborhood and if you’re looking for convenience there’s no better way to shop for your groceries. Shipt makes grocery shopping fast, simple and convenient for their members and friends of South Florida Savings Guy through the Shipt mobile app and reliable Shoppers. It’s great – we’ve tested it out and it’s phenomenal. Now, on average, what would have typically cost you $35 at Publix will cost around $38 delivered. There’s a monthly or annual fee but you get unlimited deliveries! Try the $14.99 monthly fee out like we did before committing to the annual $99 deal and test the waters.

Some of our friends can’t get enough of it! Having bulk groceries delivered to your door on your schedule during the week while shuffling work, kids and life is a no brainer. It’s not the cheapest way to shop but certainly the most convenient. We love it and recommend you try it out for a month. Let us know what you think!

Here’s $10 towards your next order: Click Here!

Simplify your life with grocery delivery, and save time for what you love.

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