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250x250 Fruit & GourmetShop at Stew Leonard’s online and score the healthiest & freshest fruits and accesories and use these great prices to help you with your budget.

Each Happy Birthday Fruit & Brownies gift basket contains Braeburn, Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples, an orange, mango and 4 of our Brownie Bash Squares (fudgy brownies with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and drizzled with shite chocolate). Approximate Net weight 3 lbs. 14 oz. Happy Birthday Fruit & Brownies Gift Basket – When you want to send a sweet surprise for the birthday girl or boy gift basket with 3 hand-packed apples, an orange, a mango, and freshly baked brownies.

If you want more of a variety, choose from any of the following options below.

Share your favorite coffee from Stew Leonard’s farm fresh food stores, delivered straight to your door in our signature cow print box!

Stew’s Better For You Healthy Gift Basket – Contains a healthful assortment of snacks presented in a hand-packed rustic-style wooden crate. Perfect for people who love healthy eating!

Our Sympathy Gift Baskets are always a welcome and appropriate gesture, filled with fresh fruit, baked goods, and gourmet snacks.

Share your favorite coffee from Stew Leonard’s farm fresh food stores, delivered straight to your door in our signature cow print box!

Stew Leonard’s Gifts gourmet baskets are filled with our best-loved snacks and cheese. Each gourmet basket is hand-packed, beautifully presented.

Each piece of fruit in Stew Leonard’s Fruit Baskets is carefully selected and packed by hand. We guarantee they’ll love it!

Stew Leonard’s Gifts goes directly to the ranch, farm and dock to ensure our customers get the freshest, highest quality meat and seafood.

Take a look at the various Gift Cards from $25 to $100 at

Moist and rich brownies, cookies, decadent desserts – whichever you choose to send, our fresh-baked treats are made with wholesome ingredients.

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About Stew Leonard’s:

Stew Leonard’s began as a small dairy store founded in southern Connecticut in 1969 and has grown to become not only the World’s Largest Dairy Store, but one of the world’s most renowned grocery stores, as well. Written up and showcased by everything from the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! to The New York Times, People magazine, and the Food Network, Stew Leonard’s is now a world famous destination spot for those visiting the New York/Connecticut area.

The History: 

Stew Leonard, the store’s founder, was the son of a milkman. Working as a milkman himself in his father’s dairy plant, Stew dreamed of building a retail dairy store like no other … one where children could watch milk being bottled before their eyes while their mothers did their shopping in a fresh, farmer’s market atmosphere.
So in December 1969, with determination, a dream, and a motto that “the customer is always right”, Stew Leonard’s opened its doors in a small barn-like store carrying just eight items. Over the years, Stew Leonard’s has grown at an amazing pace by taking its unique and successful “fresh” dairy concept and expanding into meats, fish, produce, bakery, cheese and much, much more..


So now when customers walk in to any of our stores located in the Northeast, they see one word more than any other. They see it on the side of our building. They see it on our cartons of milk. In fact, they see it in just about every section of our store. That one word is FRESH. And that’s because we strive to make everything we offer at Stew Leonard’s as fresh as possible. While Stew Leonard’s has grown tremendously over the years, we have always stayed true to that “fresh” concept.

Gift Baskets:

Stew Leonard’s has extended that commitment to freshness and quality to our Gift Baskets business. Whether you want to send a holiday greeting to a family member, an impactful gift to a business associate, or a thoughtful condolence to a friend, Stew Leonard’s has the perfect gift basket. And with a Stew Leonard’s Gift Basket, you can be assured of the freshest fruits and snacks available. In fact, all of our gift baskets and towers come with our famous guarantee. So welcome to Stew Leonard’s and enjoy our fresh, high quality gift baskets.

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