Unsuspecting Rewards Programs

When you think of rewards programs, you probably think of traditional rewards programs for places you shop or dine out at.
If you think outside of the box and really think about all of the places you frequent, you might find additional savings through untraditional rewards programs.
So for instance, the Cleveland clinic has a rewards program through those who frequent their cafeteria. They offer a punchcard for their Café Club. If you purchase a meal worth $5 or greater, you will receive a hole punched into your punchcard. After you make 10 purchases like this, your next meal worth $5 or less is FREE.
In this example, it adds up if you are an employee of this hospital or visiting a patient who might have a stay of about a week (double the savings if you are visiting with a significant other, relative or friend).
It may not seem like a lot but if you frequent a place enough those savings can come in handy. Is there a place you spend money at near your home or place of work that has a rewards program? Think about it for a moment. If so, you should inquire if they have a rewards program.
Remember, it’s revenue for them and additional savings for you so you should not be afraid to ask if any type of rewards program or savings offers are available wherever you spend money. Savings homework for you: Think of all the places you shop and dine out at and think if there is a way you can save money with them. 🙂

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