What to Buy & Avoid at Dollar Stores

I enjoy money saving tips. At the bottom of this passage, watch the video from the WPTV News Crew explaining “What to Buy, and Avoid, at Dollar Stores!” The video is relatively quick and good to keep handy to save money the next time you need any of these tips. I have a few suggestions I’d like to add and provide you with more details on saving money at dollar stores.

Save Money
Save Money

First, look carefully at your Sunday newspaper coupons. Occassionally you’ll find manufacturer coupons that are often available in dollar stores. For instance, recently I found a coupon for brillo pads. They are worth a dollar at the Dollar Tree. With the additional cents off, you can purchase these brillo pads for less than a dollar. When you go through your kitchen and pantry item needs, write a list of things you need at the dollar store. You may find that you are able to obtain everything on your list for a very low cost.

Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards

Secondly. if you need to purchase lots of greeting cards for the month, this is the perfect place to do this. They have a large variety. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversaries, holiday, graduation, congratulations, thank you, get well, etc., you can purchase your cards for the next month or two here. It’s always good to get a sympathy card or two as well. Keep them on hand for the year. If an unfortunate event happens and you need one on the spot, you won’t have to go shopping at the last minute. This will also prevent you from stressing out and taking time out of your busy schedule to get one. Also, you can look at your list of events coming up for the next month or two or even quarter and just purchase a bunch of cards and label them with a sticky pad on the envelope so you remember later on who to give them to and when.

Party supplies

It helps because they are only fifty cents a piece. Yes, you can purchase two cards for only a dollar. They also have greeting cards for one dollar as well. In either case, you can get a month’s worth of cards or even a quarter’s (3 months) worth of card shopping done on the cheap and quickly at one convenient location. If you have a Facebook account, go through your list of friends to see whose birthday is coming up. Determine if there is anyone you want to pick up a card for in advance. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, new birth announcement, anniversary, etc., they have lots of great greeting cards. Oh, and don’t worry about these cards at the dollar store. They don’t say “Dollar Tree” or anything like that on the back of them. They obtain these greeting cards from liquidation sales so you don’t have to worry about other people knowing that you picked them up at the dollar store. 🙂

Cleaning solutions

Also keep in mind to be careful of some food items you pick up at the dollar store. Just my personal preference is not to purchase any items that you have to ingest. My thinking is you don’t know how long they have been laying around in stock or at a warehouse for prior to the dollar stores obtaining them. Again, this is my own personal opinion but there was a scare a while back with toothpastes sold by dollar stores. That’s more along the lines what I’m thinking about. The food, if you like it…purchase it. If not, then don’t. You get what you pay for sometimes, but if you like what you see, go for it if it makes sense.

Watch this video for other great dollar store purchases and also what to avoid purchasing at the dollar store.

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