Your Favorite Vices Might Be Killing Your Budget!

From time-to-time I will hear people mention how they are struggling financially and it bothers me to hear that. Then I take a close look at these same people who have vices such as smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

While I may not advocate cigarette smoking, I’m not here to tell you to stop. That’s a very individual decision one must make; however, if you find that you are strapped for cash and trying to figure out why you might be in a financial rut, I am here to explain…you might be killing your own budget!

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, in many states that costs $6.00 PER DAY!!! That’s a $42 per week habit. That’s a $2,190 per year habit; and that total figure could be more expensive depending on the state you purchase your cigarettes in.

Let’s say you purchase a cup of coffee each morning on your way to work for $3.50 per day on work days alone. Presuming you only drink coffee on work days and you work five days per week and work 50 weeks per year (you have two weeks vacation, right?). This means you are spending $3.50 on 250 days per year. That’s an additional $875 per year habit. Figure it out for yourself! Again, that’s presuming you only purchase a cup of coffee on the days you head out to work.

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day plus purchase a cup of coffee each work day, you are spending approximately $3,065 per year!

Outside of the moral or ethical questions of smoking, just dealing with the finances involved with smoking cigarettes, my thinking is if you can afford to do it, then it’s your prerogative to do that if you want to; however, if you are wondering how come you are not making enough money, why is it you are behind on other bills, or even why other people can afford some luxuries you are not able to afford, then hopefully some of these calculations will help you realize you need to quit or cut back severely on smoking and/or drinking coffee until you can get your finances in order. Trust me, your favorite vices might be killing your budget!

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